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Máy phát điện Zichai
Máy phát điện Zichai
Model Output Zichai Diesel engine Fuel Consumption (g/kw.h) Dimension (L×W×H) (mm×mm×mm) Detail Data
CCFJ200J  250  200 Z6150ZLD-5 198 3050*1300*1900 200KW
CCFJ250J  312.5  250 Z6150ZLD-13 198 3150*1300*1900 250KW
CCFJ300J  375  300 Z6150ZLD-15 198 3250*1300*1900 300KW
CCFJ200J  250  200 Z6170ZLD-2 198 3580*1400*2000 200KW
CCFJ250J  312.5  250 Z6170ZLD 198 3650*1400*2000 250KW
CCFJ350J  437.5  350 Z8170ZLD 198 4100*1400*2200 350KW
CCFJ400J  500  400 Z8170ZLD-19 198 4100*1400*2200 400KW
CCFJ480J  600  480 Z8170ZLD-7 198 4100*1400*2200 480KW
CCFJ500J  625  500 Z8170ZLD-8 198 4100*1400*2200 500KW

            Zichai marine diesel generator set adopt Zichai series engine , ZDEPC is a state owned enterprise specialized in the manufacturing  of large power,medium and high speed diesel engines They are widely used in passenger and cargo vessels, freshwater shipping ,port tugboats engineering ships, main or auxiliary engines,both marine and land generating sets, various peak regulating power stations  and pump station sets, etc.


* CCS approved

* Marathon single-shaft alternator standard , KAIJIELI alternator is optional

* Standard SAE coupling the engine and alternator

* With efficiency anti-vibration devices

* Cold rolled steel one time molded base

* Cooled by Heat exchanger / radiator

* High reliability , low use and maintenance cost


1. Above the technical specification are all 50HZ , 60HZ diesel generator can be supplied arrording to the customer’s requirements.

2. Technical specifications may be changed without notice.

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