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Máy phát điện Shanghai
Model Output Shangchai Diesel engine Fuel Consumption (g/kw.h) Dimension (L×W×H) (mm×mm×mm) Detail Data
CCFJ40J 50 40 4135Caf 210 1900×1100×1360 40KW
CCFJ50J 62.5 50 4135ACaf 210 1900×1100×1360 50KW
CCFJ64J 80 64 6135Caf 205 2350×1100×1360 64KW
CCFJ75J 93.75 75 6135ACaf 205 2350×1100×1360 75KW
CCFJ90J 112.5 90 6135ACaf 205 2400×1100×1360 90KW
CCFJ100J 125 100 6135JZCaf 202 2450×1100×1450 100KW
CCFJ120J 150 120 6135AZCaf 202 2600×1100×1450 120KW
CCFJ150J 187.5 150 6135JZLCaf 202 2750×1000×1700 150KW
CCFJ200J 250 200 G128ZLCaf2 197 2900×1000×1700 200KW
CCFJ250J 312.5 250 G128ZLCaf3 197 2950×1000×1700 250KW

            Shanghai 135  marine diesel generator ,  have the scope of power of 40-250KW,  Reliable,  fuel-efficient,  high market share,  maintain a large quantity,  easy to buy accessories,  easy to use,  easy maintenance,  etc. Shanghai Diesel engine Co., Ltd has won the trust of the users by its’ outstanding service and good reputation,  the products are always the prefered products for the users.


* CCS approved

* Marathon single-shaft alternator standard , KAIJIELI alternator is optional

* Standard SAE coupling the engine and alternator

* Cooled by heat exchanger / radiator

* With efficiency anti-vibration devices

* Cold rolled steel one time molded base

* High reliability , low use and maintenance cost


1. Above the technical specification are all 50HZ , 60HZ diesel generator can be supplied arrording to the customer’s requirements.

2. Technical specifications may be changed without notice.

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