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Máy phát điện Cummins
Máy phát điện Cummins
Model Output Cummins Diesel engine Fuel Consumption (g/kw.h) Dimension (L×W×H) (mm×mm×mm) Detail Data
CCFJ40J 50 40 4BTA3.9-GM47 213 1500X750X1320 40kw
CCFJ50J 63 50 6BT5.9-GM83 212 1850X820X1350 50KW
CCFJ64J 80 64 6BT5.9-GM83 212 1850x820x1350 64KW
CCFJ70J 88 70 6BT5.9-GM83 212 1850X820X1350 70KW
CCFJ80J 100 80 6BTA5.9-GM100 212 1900X850X1400 80KW
CCFJ90J 113 90 6CT8.3-GM115 212 1900X850X1400 90KW
CCFJ100J 125 100 6CT8.3-GM115 212 2100X800X1360 100KW
CCFJ120J 150 120 6CTA8.3-GM155 212 2100X800X1360 120KW
CCFJ150J 188 150 6LTAA8.9-GM200 198 2400X900X1400 150KW
CCFJ150J 188 150 NT855-DM 203 2550X980X2250 150KW
CCFJ180J 225 180 NT855-DM 203 2550X980X2250 180KW
CCFJ200J 250 200 NTA855-DM 208 2580X980X2290 200KW
CCFJ250J 313 250 NTA855-DM 205 2620x980x2290 250KW
CCFJ270J 338 270 NTA855-DM 205 2650X1000X2300 270KW
CCFJ280J 350 280 NTA855-DM 205 2650X1000X2300 280KW
CCFJ300J 375 300 KTA19-DM 209 3100X950X2080 300KW
CCFJ350J 438 350 KTA19-DM 204 3150X1000X2150 350KW
CCFJ400J 500 400 KTA19-DM 204 3150X1000X2150 400KW
CCFJ500J 625 500 KT38-DM 214 4100X1650X2200 500KW
CCFJ600J 750 600 KTA38-DM 214 4100X1650X2200 600KW
CCFJ720J 900 720 KTA38-DM 205 4150X1650X2200 720KW
CCFJ800J 1000 800 KTA38-DM 199 4200X1700X2350 800KW

         Cummins series marine diesel generator set have features of compact structure, large power , low oil consumption , low discharge, ow noise, reliable performances, and long services life .Its professional service networks are spread across the country and world , which can provide 24 hours after service and assure the supplying of accessories in time .



*Generator can be used as Main Marine generator , Marine emergency generator or Harbor generator

*CCS,BV approved

*Cooled by heat exchanger / radiator

*Adopt Cummins Engine

*Marathon single-shaft alternator standard , Stamford alternator is optional

*Marathon single-shaft alternator standard , Stamford alternator is optional

*Parallel connection: Two and more normal marine generating sets can transfer loading without stoping , and can realize parallel.

*Standard SAE coupling the engine and alternator

*With efficiency anti-vibration devices

*Cold rolled steel one time molded base

*High reliability , low use and maintenance cost


1. Above the technical specification are all 50HZ , 60HZ diesel generator can be supplied according to the customer’s requirements

2. Technical specifications may be changed without notice.

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