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Xuồng cứu hộ (RESCUE LIFEBOAT)
Xuồng cứu hộ (RESCUE LIFEBOAT)


Dimension (m)



Total weight (kg)






The rescue boat has a motor propelled, designed to be launched by davit. It has excellent reliability, maneuverability, and sea – keeping abilities in order to fulfill its prime function-to provided an effective means of recovery for persons in water and collect life-craft. If has self-righting ability and manual operate righting ability. The design and the manufacturing are complied with the requirements of Amendment 1996 to SOLAS and the regulation of LSA code.



Model Kích thước(m) Số người
Tốc độ Tổng trọng lượng(kg)
NM60R  6.00M*2.30M*0.87M 15

 3P>20 hải lý

 15P>8 hải lý


Fast Rescue Boats are designed and built to the latest SOLAS Class and Government Standards. Its hulls-built of fiber composite materials-is launched using either conventional single arm slewing davits or “A” frame type davits depending on size and specifications.

Depending on model, these rescue boats are ether fitted with outboard engines or inboard engines coupled with water jet or propeller units for option.

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