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Mitsubishi MGS Series
Mitsubishi MGS Series
           Mitsubishi MGS Series là tổ máy phát điện Mitsubishi được lắp bởi chính hãng Mitsubishi. Và được nhập khẩu và phân phối trực tiếp tại thị trường Việt Nam bởi Công ty Cổ phần Công nghệ Thiết bị Việt Nam - Vimatek.
          Lựa chọn máy phát điện Mitsubishi MGS do Vimatek cung cấp, Quý khách hàng hoàn toàn có thể yên tâm về sản phẩm mới 100%, và được nhập khẩu từ chính hãng Mitsubishi với giá cả hoàn toàn hợp lý.

         Mitsubishi MGS có 2 dãy sản phẩm là MGS - BMGS - C 


The best performance-matched engine and generator systems give world-class performance
Response and stability designed to exceed user expectations in a variety of applications


4 pole, screen protected, drip-proof IP23, self-exciting, self-regulating and brushless with fully connected damper windings, salient pole rotors, A.C. exciter and rotating rectifier unit. The insulation system is Class ’H’. All windings are impregnated in either a triple dip thermo-setting moisture, oil and acid resisting polyester varnish or vacuum pressure impregnated with a special polyester resin. Electrical design in accordance with BS5000 Part 3, VDE0530, UTE51100, NEMA MG1-32, CEMA, IEC34-1, CSA22.2 and AS1359.
6 and 12 wire*1 reconnectable windings provide a wide range of 3 phase voltage. The exciter field system remains at full strength, sustaining a high level of short circuit current at the ac generator output terminals by means of the excitation voltage via AVR powered by the independent winding, Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) as a standard feature in the MGS Gen Set, which is electrically isolated from the main alternator stator windings.
The fully sealed, three phase*2 RMS voltage sensing AVR maintains the voltage within the limits of +/-0.5%*3 from no load to full load including cold to hot variations at any power factor between 0.8 lagging and unity allowing for a 4% engine speed variation, suitable for applications with greatly unbalanced or high non-linear loads associated with UPS systems. The AVR has built-in protection against sustained over-excitation, caused by internal or external faults. This de-excites the generator after a minimum of five seconds. THF (as defined by BS4999 Part 40) is better than 2 % and a TIF (as defined by ASA C50.12) is better than 50. Radio interface: Suppression is in line with the provision of BS800 and VDE Class G and N.
Note: *1 12 wire reconnectable windings are the features up to Code H6 models.
  *2, 3 Up to Code K5 models have single phase voltage sensingand the voltage regulation within +/-1.0%, for 4% engine speed variation.
Turbo-filter is standard and paper element dry type air-cleaner is available as an option.


"Full-sized" safety and automatic functions in the series of digital control systems
Easy human interface in the sophisticated control system makes for an operator-friendly Gen Set


MGS standard 7310 programmable microprocessor control - automatic start/stop panel, generator breaker control, indicating the operational status and fault conditions; automatically shutting down the engine and indicating the engine failure by means of LCD display and LEDs on the front panel. Electrical design in accordance with BS EN 60950 Low Voltage Directive, BS EN 61006-2 and 61006-4 EMC Directive. The optional interface can provide real time diagnostic facilities.

Features Of MGS-C Series
For High Reliable, Stable Power Supply Source

  • Extra wide range 12-wire re-connectable terminal box:
up to MG-HC6K 1,110 kVA at 220 V and 50 Hz
1,150 kW at 240 V and 60 Hz
  • Digital Diesel Generator Control Lineup
Standards : MGS 7310 control panel for local/remote control operation
Option:Diesel generator control system DGICS-MIL
  • Applied worldwide distribution systems design, without any modifications
  • Permanent Magnetic Generator (PMG) excitation system
  • Sealed type RMS sensing type AVR for highly reliable operation
  • 2/3 pitch and class H insulation system with VPI methods windings
  • Built-in current transformer for measurement, control and protection for both 400 V and 200 V class applications
  • Class H Insulation Materials with Class F Temperature Rise Applied

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