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ZFQZ DC motor
ZFQZ DC motor

ZFQZ Often starting and braking DC Motor

General Descriptions:
ZFQZ Often starting and braking DC Motor are developed on the basis of Z4 series and ZZJ-800 Series DC motor, The rotating inertia of the motors is 45% and 65% of the motors of Series ZZJ-800 and ZZJ900 respecitively, The motors are suitable for direct and reversal rotation and start and stop in high frequency in a bad working circumstance, The motors are good-overlading, The max. rotating moment and starting moment are 112% and 117% of the moments of seriess ZZJ800 and ZZJ900 motors respecitively, The weight of the motors is just 65% of the series ZZJ800 motors. The class of the motor power is in accordance with the international standard IEC34-13" Technical Criterions of Auxiliary Machine and Hoisting and Metallurgy"
Working Conditions:
The allowable ambient temperature for the operation of the motors is -30C~+40C and the allowable sea level in not higher than 1000m. The supplying electric source of the motors adopts rectified electric source or DCgenerator electric source, When adopting 3-phase. fully controllable bridge rectifiedelectric source, the motors can work for a long period without outer smoothing reactor

Products performance:

Motor Frame: IEC ZFQZ-250~ZFQZ-450
Output(KW): 37.3kW~600kW

Rated Voltage(V): There are 2 kinds of rated voltage of motors:220V, 440V. as required, The motors with other voltage level can be produced

Excitation Type: The mode of excitation of motors is separate excitatio. The voltage of excitation is 180V or 310V. AS required, The motors with other voltage level can be produced

Raged Speed(rpm):No Speed adjustment is specified for this series motors Any special equirements in this field by customers can be discussed.

Insulation Class: CLASS F

Protection Class: IP21s, IP23S and IP44 is adopted for the mtoors protections of this series

Mounting Type: IMB3, IM35

Duty: Continuous working system(S1) is applied

Methods of Cooling: IC06, IC17, IC37 and ICW37A86, Other types of protection and cooling required by customers can be negotiated.  

Modes of cooling for all the motors are separate cooling, Force ventilated, Cooling by frame radially mounted, Spearately powered Ventilating fan, And attached with an air filter, Modes of cooling for motors may be made into three types, Namely IC06, IC17, IC37

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